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Mackay Farms

About our Garden

We grow approximately 30 types and varieties of vegetables.  We use organic and regenerative growing methods and farm in ways that protect and improve the natural environment. Since the farm was purchased in 2008, we have been working hard to improve soil health, create a carbon sink, increase species diversity, create spaces for pollinators, and limit our waste. We are also working hard to connect to and share our knowledge with the local community.  

Our fresh vegetables are available at the Elora Farmers’ Market, various local restaurants in Elora, and at the farm through our CSA Program and our on-farm stand.

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We are committed to regenerative farming and the distribution of healthy food to our community.  We are committed to the improvement of the land, air, water and species diversity including pollinator habitats.   We believe in the production of healthy, chemical free, non-GMO wholesome food that will contribute to the health of the natural environment, individuals, and the community.  


  1. We are committed to improving the soil, water and air by actively practicing regenerative farming methods. 

  2. We encourage other farmers to adopt regenerative farming practices.

  3. We are committed to our customers and proud to help them eat healthier and more sustainably. 

  4. We support the local economy.

  5. We treat our employees fairly and provide opportunities for them to grow personally and professionally. 

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